John Lithgow

as Roger Ailes
as Walter Newbury
as Jud Crandall
as Don Whitaker
as Senator Ronald Sperling
as Lamar Black
as Reverend Dowd
as Glen Motch
as Jack Brady
as Jerry Harris
as Narrator (voice) U.S. edition
as Alfred Seguine Kinsey
as Ghost of Farquaad (voice)
as Bud Brumder
as Lord Farquaad (voice)
as Lord Farquaad (singing voice)
as Don Quixote de La Mancha / Alonso Quixano
as Sergeant Larry Skovik
as Judge Walter J. Skinner
as Malcolm / Robert Stockman
as Thomas Livingston
as Senator Conyers
as Professor Wilkinson
as Dr. Rene Harlinger
as Arthur Fanshawe, British High Commissioner
as Eric Qualen
as Paul Harrington
as Phillip Mills
as Carter Nix / Cain / Dr. Nix / Josh / Margo
as Earl Talbott Blake
as Bruce Derringer
as Robert Carter
as Mark Lambert
as Maj. Kendall Laird
as Oliver Thompson
as Dr. Walter Curnow
as Reverend Shaw Moore
as John Valentine (segment "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet")
as Herbie Morse
as Lucas Sergeant
as Paul Philips
as Sam Sebastian
as Robert Lasalle
Image of John Lithgow
Name: John Lithgow
Born: 1945-10-19
Age: 77
Gender: Male
City: Rochester, New York, USA
Know works: 89
Died Date:
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