John DiMaggio

as Jervis Tetch / Mad Hatter (voice)
as Bupkus / Nawt (voice)
as Baash / Uncle Owen (voice)
as Betting Guy / Tattoo Guy (voice)
as King Shark / Trigon (voice)
as Restaurant Owner (voice)
as Angelo Dundee
as Phil Billings / Four Arms (voice)
as Victor Fries / Mr. Freeze (voice)
as Scout Master (voice)
as Guard / Synth Skate Voice (voice)
as Chief Bullock / Big Bill Dust / Additional Voices (voice)
as Aquaman / Crimson Cloak (voice)
as Jake the Dog (voice)
as Dr. Alec Holland / Swamp Thing (voice) / Sarge Steel (voice)
as Crosshairs / Nitro Zeus (voice)
as Jerry Jumbeaux Jr. (voice)
as Manly Dan / Additional Voices (voice)
as Gorilla Grodd / Wildcat (voice)
as King Shark / Nanaue / Bane (voice)
as Pinecone Jinn (voice)
as Beard Papa (voice)
as Rico / Brick / Tiny Seal / Leopard Seal #2 (voice)
as Minister of Autumn (voice)
as Samson / Ultra-Sphinx
as Leadfoot/Target (voice)
as Roughcut (voice)
as Merc (segment "Green Arrow") (voice)
as Zartog / Human #1 / Human #2 (voice)
as Gobber's Father (voice)
as Deimos (voice)
as Minister of Autumn (voice)
as Fat John (voice)
as Bender / Sal / Igner / Pawn Shop Owner (voice) (archive footage)
as Crocodile Bandit #1 / Gorilla Bandit (voice)
as Toyman (voice)
as Colonel Santino (voice)
as Janitor / Bailiff (voice)
as Bobby O'Keefe
as Bud the Cow / Officer O'Hanlon (voice)
as Zwerg #1 / Zwerg #2 / Riese (voice)
as Stink / Scrotus / Henchman #4 (voice)
as Dr. Drakken (voice)
as Rico (voice)
as Colin Haggart / Volunteer #1 (voice)
as Crew Man ("Final Flight of the Osiris") / Kaiser ("Program") (voice)
as Seeing Eye Dog / Wassup Fish / Mouse (voice)
as Ricky Tai (voice)
as Construction Worker
as The Joker / Thomas Wayne / Reporter 2 (voice)
Image of John DiMaggio
Name: John DiMaggio
Born: 1968-09-04
Age: 55
Gender: Male
City: North Plainfield, New Jersey, USA
Know works: 109
Died Date:
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