John Carradine

as Walter Machen
as Dr. Emil Zeitman
as Old Joe Shempter
as The Justice
as Andoheb
as Alcoholic Reporter (archive footage)
as Supreme Commander
as Gentleman ("Great Moments" Host)
as Dr. Warren (archive footage)
as Col. Sartoris
as Great Owl (voice)
as Father Stratten
as Erle Kenton
as R.Chetwynd-Hayes, Writer
as Col. LeBrun
as Dr. Frankenstein
as Count Dracula
as Avery Mills
as Dr. Sigmund Hummel
as Richmond Reed
as Fr. Francis Matthew Halloran
as Hezekiah Beckum
as Dr. Welsey Edwards
as Mr. Walker
as Llewellyn Crossbinder
as Alcoholic Reporter
as Igor Smith
as The Hotel Clerk
as H. Buckram Sartoris
as Sean O'Flanagan
as Christopher Dean
as Nate Cheever
as Preacher Simms
as Tyrone T. Tattersall
as Jasper B. Hawks
as Pet Shop Owner
as Third-Way Priest
as Narrator / Tristram Halbin
as The Wizard of Mars
as General Josh McCord
as Bruce Alden
as Maj. Cassius Starbuckle
as Zachariah Garrison
as Dr. Karol Noymann
as Traveling Salesman
as Dr. Charles Conway
as Claude Almstead
as Ziby Fletcher
as Col. Buck Streeter
as Grave Robber
as Doc Spencer
as Dr. Charles Randolph
as Professor Madley
as Orange Povy
as Count Dracula
as Jefferson T. Pike
as General von Bodenbach
as Gaston Morrell
as Victor Marlow
as Dr. Walters
as Prof. John Gilmore
as Reinhardt Heydrich
as Dr. Max Heinrich von Altermann
as Dr. Sigmund Walters
as Lucky Miller
as Ulrich Windler
as Mr. Jones
as Doc Murdoch
as Jesse Wick
as Porter Rockwell
as B. D. Bisbee
as Danforth / Richard Burke
as General Sebastian
as President Lincoln
as Leader of Refugees
as Herbert Pemberton
as Richards
as Bartolomio Romagna
as Simon Girty
as Angry Saxophone Player - Tenant
as Assistant Principal
as Newspaper reporter / photographer
Image of John Carradine
Name: John Carradine
Age: -
Gender: -
Know works: 187
Died Date:
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