Joel McCrea

as Pitcalin as an Older Man
as Sgt. Clovis Hook
as Wyatt Earp
as Judge Richard 'Rick' Thorne
as Clete Mattson
as Lt. Col. Robert Taine
as Zachary Hallock
as Dan Mathews
as Chuck Conner
as Josiah Doziah Gray
as Sheriff Tom Banning
as Dave Nash
as The Virginian
as David Fielding
as William Thomas Green Morton
as William Frederick 'Buffalo Bill' Cody
as Jeff Butler
as Barry Corvall
as Van Dam Smith
as Ramsay MacKay
as Dr. Joseph 'Joe' Cardin
as Richard Glasgow
as Donald Middleton
as Jim Carmichael
as Dr. Alex MacGregor
as Garry Madison
as David Phelps
as Blacky Gorman
as John 'Jack' Neville
as Richard Brunton
as Captain Barry Craig
Image of Joel McCrea
Name: Joel McCrea
Age: -
Gender: -
Know works: 72
Died Date:
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