Joe Morton

as Silas Stone
as Roy Wilkins
as Dr. Livingston
as Charlie Williams
as Reverend Packer
as Dick Marshfield
as Agent Dodge
as Walter Diggles
as Hugh Campbell
as Chauncey Eskridge
as Jim Willer
as Dan Richler
as Cab Chamberlain
as Dr. Sam Brodus
as Mr. Kent
as Lt. Herb 'Mac' McMahon
as Campbell Matheny
as Capt. McMahon
as Kenny Tate
as Samuel Flowers
as Dr. Miles Bennett Dyson
as Dr. Ronald McNair
as World War II soldier
as Nicky
as Sheriff McMahon
as Scratch's Assistant
as Detective Rich
Image of Joe Morton
Name: Joe Morton
Born: 1947-10-18
Age: 76
Gender: Male
City: New York City, New York, USA
Know works: 57
Died Date:
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