J.K. Simmons

as Commissioner James Gordon
as Terrence Fletcher (Archive Audio)
as James Forester
as Klaus (voice)
as Captain Matt McKenna
as Bill Ponder
as Commissioner James Gordon
as Mr. Gallo
as Ronald Hunt
as Arve Støp
as Mayor Leodore Lionheart (voice)
as Sgt. Jeffrey Pugliese
as Khampa (voice)
as Randall Zipper
as James Newmans
as Detective O'Brien
as Terence Fletcher
as Dr. Moore (voice)
as Dr. Bertleman
as Dr. Hal Lerner
as Sheriff Hoyle
as General Tiger (voice)
as Mr. Jervis
as Edwin Pollard
as Arthur Rock
as J. Kimball
as Fletcher
as Mr. Jansen
as Captain Camp
as President of Capitol State (voice)
as Detective Krauss
as Mavis' Publisher (voice - uncredited)
as J. Noble Daggett (voice)
as Warden (voice)
as Oswald Klaven
as Donald Sinclaire
as Stu Kopenhafer
as Mr. Wroblewski
as Roy Davies
as Lt. Col. Arson
as Sergeant Mitchell
as Mac MacGuff
as Lee Mayer
as J. Jonah Jameson
as Candidate Welles
as J. Jonah Jameson
as Agent Richards
as Benny Southstreet (segment "Guys & Dolls")
as J. Jonah Jameson
as Buffalo Bill Cody
as Garth Pancake
as J. Jonah Jameson
as CIA Briefer
as Ted Slocum
as Sheriff Pearl Johnson
as Dr. Tom Grandy
as Souvenir Hawker
as Ensemble and Character Vocals (voice)
as FBI Agent T. I. Witherspoon
as Mr. Shulman
as Federal Marshall
as Assistant Coach
as Commissioner James Gordon
Image of J.K. Simmons
Name: J.K. Simmons
Born: 1955-01-09
Age: 69
Gender: Male
City: Detroit, Michigan, USA
Know works: 109
Died Date:
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