Jerry Lewis

as Max Rose
as Jim's Father
as Professor Julius Kelp / Buddy Love
as Executive Producer
as George Fawkes
as Leo Sweetie
as Arnold Ross
as Dr. Bernard Abrams
as Warren Nefron / Dr. Perks / Gangster / Speed Armeter
as Jerry Langford
as Wilbur Swain / Caleb Swain
as Self (Voice)
as Brendan Byers III
as Bandleader (voice)
as Peter J. Ingersoll / Fred Dobbs
as Gerald Clamson
as Christopher Pride / Warren / Ringo / Rutherford / Heather
as Pete Mattemore
as Willard Woodward / James Peyton / Everett Peyton / Julius Peyton / Eddie Peyton / Skylock Peyton / Bugs Peyton
as Robert Reed
as Jerome Littlefield
as Stanley Belt
as Professor Julius F. Kelp / Buddy Love / Baby Kelp
as Lester March
as Herbert H. Heebert - Mama Heebert
as Morty S. Tashman
as Cinderfella
as Stanley / Himself
as John Paul Steckler I / John Paul Steckler IV / John Paul Steckler VII
as Gilbert Wooley
as Clayton Poole
as Sidney L. Pythias
as Private Meredith C. Bixby
as Wade Kingsley Jr. / Wade Kingsley Sr.
as Malcolm Smith
as Eugene Fullstack
as Homer Flagg
as Jerry Hotchkiss
as Myron Mertz
as Virgil Yokum
as Harvey Miller
as Theodore 'Ted' Rogers
as Melvin Jones
as 'Junior' Jackson
Image of Jerry Lewis
Name: Jerry Lewis
Born: 1926-03-16
Age: 91
Gender: Male
City: Newark, New Jersey, USA
Know works: 77
Died Date: 2017-08-20
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