Jeremy Irons

as Neville Chamberlain
as Vladimir Korchnoi
as Secretary of War
as Alfred Pennyworth
as Avery Brundage
as Anthony Royal
as Narrator (voice)
as Macon Ravenwood
as The Old Man
as John Tuld
as Alfred Stieglitz
as Randall Bragg
as Kingsley Stewart
as Michael Gosselyn
as Larry Kelly
as F. Scott Fitzgerald
as Über-Morlock
as Rupert Gould
as Humbert Humbert
as Alex Parrish
as Scar (voice)
as René Gallimard
as Dr. Stephen Fleming
as Tom Crick
as Kafka
as Claus von Bülow
as Beverly/Elliot Mantle
as Father Gabriel
as Charles Swann
as Charles Henry Smithson and Mike
Image of Jeremy Irons
Name: Jeremy Irons
Born: 1948-09-19
Age: 74
Gender: Male
City: Cowes, Isle of Wight, England, UK
Know works: 78
Died Date:
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