Jennifer Connelly

as Penny Benjamin
as Amanda Marsh
as Virginia Gamely
as Nana Kunning
as Naameh
as Gwen Vanderveer
as Virginia
as 7 (voice)
as Emma Darwin
as Roxanne
as Grace Learner
as Maddy Bowen
as Kathy Adamson
as Dahlia Williams
as Betty Ross
as Ruth Kligman
as Sarah Williams
as Emma Murdoch
as Jenny Blake
as Josie McClellan
as Gloria Harper
as Claire Hamilton / Natalie Horvath
as Gabriella
as Sarah Williams
as Jennifer Corvino
Image of Jennifer Connelly
Name: Jennifer Connelly
Born: 1985-07-16
Age: 38
Gender: Female
City: Washington, D.C
Know works: 48
Died Date:
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