Jane Darwell

as The Bird Woman
as Delia Boylan
as Matron Jamieson
as Mrs. Connelley
as Mrs. Aurora Ratchitt
as Mrs. Belden
as Mrs. Wurdeman
as 'Nellie Thursday' Regan
as Isolation Matron
as Sister Ledyard
as Aunt Jane
as Miss Florie
as Sister Mary Brigid
as Minister's wife
as Mrs. Henderson
as Aunt Emma Forrester
as Aunt Emma Forrester
as Grandmother Nora Campbell
as Grandma Allen
as Mrs. Bettina Huguenine
as Mrs. Merriwether
as Mrs. Samuels - Jesse's mother
as Aunt Phoebe Smiley
as Mrs. Sheldon, Bill's Mother
as Mrs. Thompson
as Mrs. Flaherty
as Mrs. Harold
as Mrs. Eliza Croft
as Mrs. Martha Lind
as Mrs. Denham
as Frederick's Mother
as Gladys - the Wife
as Mrs. Higgins
as Mrs. Mc Gowan
as Mrs. Davis - The Landlady
as Mrs. Barrett - Mary's Mother
as Mrs. Williams
as Curtis' Housekeeper
as Mrs. McGonagle
as Ma Kearny
as Mrs. Marble
as Nurse Esmond
as Mrs. Elizabeth Wharton
as Boardinghouse Keeper
as Mrs. Brock
as Mrs. Adolph Schmidt
as Mrs. Walter Robinson
as SeƱora Castro Kenton, Juanita's Mother
Image of Jane Darwell
Name: Jane Darwell
Born: 1879-10-15
Age: 88
Gender: Female
City: Palmyra, Missouri, USA
Know works: 93
Died Date: 1967-08-13
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