James Woods

as Grab Takit
as Victor (voice)
as Lt. Falton
as Mary's Father
as Jack Dudman
as Captain Verona
as Tom Heddon
as Thomas Wayne Jr. / Owlman (voice)
as Todd Grosslight
as Reggie Belafonte (voice)
as Vaughn Stevens
as Tommy Athens
as Jallak (voice)
as Grab Takit (voice)
as Walter O'Brien
as Dr. Raymond Turner
as The Evil Falcon (voice)
as Dr. Phillium Benedict (voice)
as Father McFeely
as Dr. Wilhelm von Huber
as Dr. Harvey Mandrake
as Alan Mann
as Col. Robert Moore
as Himself (Ringside Fan)
as Jack Crow
as Hades (voice)
as Michael Kitz
as Byron De La Beckwith
as Lester Diamond
as H.R. Haldeman
as Reggie Makeshift
as Jack Benyon
as Paul Clark
as Joseph Scott
as Roy Marcus Cohn
as Gabriel Caine
as Jack Russell
as Detective Lt. John Moss, NYPD
as Michael Spector
as Lloyd Hopkins
as Lenny Brown
as Richard Boyle
as Richard 'Dick' Morrison
as Maximilian 'Max' Bercovicz
as Charles Pratt
as Fast-Walking
as Aldo Mercer
as Gregory Powell
as Harold Bloomguard
as Capt. Sammy Berg
as Asst. Disty. Atty. Joseph Ryan
as Larry Vincent
as Walter The Addict
as Bank officer
as Frankie McVeigh
as Bill Schmidt
Image of James Woods
Name: James Woods
Born: 1947-04-18
Age: 75
Gender: Male
City: Vernal, Utah, USA
Know works: 91
Died Date:
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