James Remar

as Agent Cantrell
as 'Bounty Law' - 'Ugly Owl'
as Meyer Lansky
as Arnold Valecross
as Daniel Holloway
as David Marino
as Santo Trafficante
as Coach DaFoe
as Martin Nakos
as John Luther
as Patrick Moore
as Highway Patrol Officer
as Derrick Perrish
as Butch Pooch / Ace Speck
as Narrator (voice)
as William
as Tall Man
as Gabriel Loeb
as Detective Rogers
as Gordon Beldon
as General Bratt
as Larousse (voice)
as General Omar Bradley
as Ray Cumberland
as Colonel Boggs
as Agent Markham
as Alex Tyler
as Detective Carpenter
as John Matthew Whitman / Schmidt
as Dr. Paul Gregory
as Patrolman
as Dr. Coleman West
as Maxie Devine
as Donnie Lonigan
as Dr. Benjamin Hendricks
as Rattlesnake Jim
as Thomas Ridgely
as Captain Tom Murdoch
as Mick Clarkson
as Beauty Smith
as Preston (segment "Lover's Vow")
as Sergeant Thomas Mackey
as Joe Dylanne
as Hicks body double
as Dutch Schulz
as Albert Ganz
as Edward K. Petersen
as Gregory
as Windwalker (young)
Image of James Remar
Name: James Remar
Born: 1953-12-31
Age: 70
Gender: Male
City: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Know works: 85
Died Date:
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