James Mason

as Sir Randolph Nettleby
as Captain Hughes
as Ed Concannon
as Odell Gardener
as Isaac of York
as Admiral Brindsen
as Professor Bergson
as Dr. John H. Watson
as Sir Alec Nichols
as Mr. Grimes / Voice of Killer Shark
as Oberst Brandt
as Warren Maxwell
as Ernst Furben
as Avv. Antonio Bellocampo
as Charles D. Watts
as Sir George Wheeler
as Jerome Malley
as Alan Hamilton
as Francisco Paco Montero
as Captain Ross
as Bradley Morahan
as Charles Calvert
as Franz Joseph I of Austria
as Trigorin, a writer
as John Sawyer
as General Count von Klugermann
as James Leamington
as Charles Dobbs
as Gentleman Brown
as Pascal Regnier
as Captain Blayne
as Prof. Humbert Humbert
as Cmdr. Max Easton
as Phillip Vandamm
as Sir Oliver S. Lindenbrook
as Capt. Edwin Rummill
as Jim Molner
as Maxwell Fleury
as The Guardian Angel
as Norman Maine
as Field Marshal Erwin von Rommel
as Capt. Paul Gilbert
as Ulysses Diello
as Rupert of Hentzau
as Jimmy Del Palma
as Field Marshal Erwin Rommel
as Dr. Frank Matson
as Martin Donnelly
as Gustave Flaubert
as Larry Quinada
as Johnny McQueen
as Captain Jerry Jackson
as Nicholas Cunningham
as Henry Smedhurst
as Peter Vadassy
as Lord Manderstoke
as Richard Francis Heritage
as Stephen Deremid
Image of James Mason
Name: James Mason
Born: 1909-05-15
Age: 75
Gender: Male
City: Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England, UK
Know works: 101
Died Date: 1984-07-27
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