Jack Carson

as Sheriff Nick Hoak
as Charlie Nelson
as Jason Carberry
as Chris Malley
as Patrick 'Pat' Regan
as Harold C. Pierson
as Officer Patrick O'Hara
as The Great Georgetti
as Arthur Halstead
as Albert Runkel
as Dave Campbell
as Walter Lawrie
as Jeff Randolph
as Joe Ferguson
as Ward Willoughby
as 'Buttons' Johnson
as Frederick Harper
as Policeman Tom Garrity
as Gabby Cross
as Agent Ross Waring
as Narration - Prologue (voice)
as Chet Warren
as Charlie - Waiter Captain
as Connors
as Dave Hanlon
as Tom Potts
as Attendant in First Gas Station
as Mr. Milbanks
as Assistant Director
as Coach Woodford
Image of Jack Carson
Name: Jack Carson
Born: 1910-10-27
Age: 53
Gender: Male
City: Carman, Manitoba, Canada
Know works: 74
Died Date: 1963-01-02
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