Irving Bacon

as Tully Morgan
as Al Ferguson
as Sgt. Monday Wash
as Prison Guard
as Sheriff Doolittle
as Mayor Michael J. Kane
as Mr. Carston, Postman
as Train Conductor
as Hamburger Man
as Jewelry Salesman
as Filbert - Mechanic
as RR Information Clerk
as Julius Larkin
as George Beachwood
as Sgt. Fayle
as Matt Cooper the Mailman
as Dave Walton
as Judd Jenkins
as Pierre Couvais
as Delivery Man
as Thaddeus Bellweather
as Train Conductor
as Nosey Stationmaster
as Sheriff James Whitcolm Wyatt
as Hotel Manager
as Sheriff Todd
as Station Master
as Mr. Kelly
as Jimmy, Malt Shop Proprietor
as Mr. Hardwicke
as Constable Caleb Weaver
as Bart Munson
as Ticket seller
as Bank Teller
as Jailer Smoky
as Carriage Driver
as Hotel Desk Clerk
as Hospital Official
as Storekeeper
as Conductor
as Gas Station Attendant
as Patrol Sergeant at Italian Restaurant
as Newark Radio Operator
as Storekeeper
as 'Mushy'
as Second Stage Manager
as Harvey Vaughan
as Mike, Fingerprint Man
as Real Estate Man
as Lecturer on Seals
as Robert Forbes
as Chester - Smith's Secretary
as Jim Sloane
as Mr. Kinney - Man with Toothache
as Curson - Accountant
as Dr. Boomgarten
as Farmer on Hay Wagon
as Taxicab Driver
as Rodeo Announcer
as Maine Driver
as Brick Briggs
as Man at Toll Gate
as Man with Pelican
as Clerk Getting Tied Up
as Passenger
as Gun Store Proprietor
as Casino Attendant
as Police Insp. Ned Pickens
as Airport Weatherman
as Expectant Father
as Military Officer
Image of Irving Bacon
Name: Irving Bacon
Born: 1893-09-06
Age: 72
Gender: Male
City: St. Joseph, Missouri, USA
Know works: 168
Died Date: 1965-02-05
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