Ian McShane

as Professor Broom
as Judge Perry
as The Grump (voice)
as William Avery (voice)
as Joe Padgett
as MI6 Spy Boss
as Inglés
as Ron Parfitt
as Amphiarus
as Captain Edward "Blackbeard" Teach
as Mr. Sergei Alexander Bobinsky / Other Bobinsky (voice)
as Detective Mike Barron
as Tai Lung (voice)
as Frank Powell
as Captain Hook (voice)
as Ragnar Sturlusson (voice)
as Paul Griffen
as Joe Strombel
as Jeff Novak
as Teddy Bass
as Ian Deegan
as Vincent Hardwick
as Greg Miller
as The Brain (Bert)
as Judas Iscariot
as Ray Petrie
as Birdy Williams
as Wolfe Lissner
as Sgt. Pilot Andy
Image of Ian McShane
Name: Ian McShane
Born: 1942-09-29
Age: 80
Gender: Male
City: Blackburn, Lancashire, England, UK
Know works: 60
Died Date:
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