Ian Holm

as Skinner (voice)
as Dr. Ernesto Morales
as Jonas Muller
as Ben Gurion
as Simeon Weisz
as Edward Aylesbury
as Gideon Largeman
as Professor Fitz
as Sir William Gull
as Napoleon Bonaparte / Sergeant Eugene Lenormand
as Pontius Pilate
as Nathan Quellen
as Reverend Grissom
as Sirius / Boris / The Devil
as Kiri Vinokur
as Squealer (voice)
as Father Vito Cornelius
as Mitchell Stephens
as Water Bailiff
as Baron Frankenstein
as Sir William Collyer
as Sir Hector
as Tom Frost
as Dr. Murnau
as Polonius
as Captain Fluellen
as Hercule Poirot
as Mr. M. Kurtzmann
as Reverend Charles L. Dodgson / Lewis Carroll
as Andrew Crocker-Harris
as Stanley Pilborough
as Dr. Joseph Goebbels
as Sam Mussabini
as J. Bruce Ismay
as J.M. Barrie
as Nicholas Porter
as George E. Buckle
as Martin Lynch-Gibbon
as President Poincare
as Grubeshov
Image of Ian Holm
Name: Ian Holm
Born: 1931-09-12
Age: 89
Gender: Male
City: Goodmayes, Essex, England, UK
Know works: 89
Died Date: 2020-06-19
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