Henry Silva

as Boxing Spectator
as Sal the Joker
as Sleepy Joe Carlisle
as Gene Serino
as Influence
as Col. Kartiff
as Luis Comacho
as Prison Boss
as Sauveur Meccacci
as Sinclair
as Henry Chatwill
as Duke Guerera
as General Garland
as Vittorio Farroni
as Dr. Gauss
as Mike Saxon
as Commissario Walter Grandi
as Commissario Caprile
as Nick Lanzetta
as Emmanuel Ristack dit 'L'insolent'
as Hank Norris
as Bob Rome
as Garcia Mendez
as Crazy Knife
as Johnny Cool / Salvatore Giordano
as Mountain Hawk
as Maximilian
as Roger Corneal
Image of Henry Silva
Name: Henry Silva
Born: 1928-09-15
Age: 93
Gender: Male
City: Brooklyn, New York, USA
Know works: 69
Died Date:
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