H.B. Warner

as Jesus, The Christ
as Judge Fletcher
as Mr. Slocum
as Rev. Hollingsworth
as Dr. Mansfield, plastic surgeon
as Abdul El Rashid
as Col. Eberhart Brandt
as Prosecuting Attorney
as Justice John Hawthorne
as Dr. Enrico Paoli
as Mr. Carrington
as Father Michel
as Senate Majority Leader
as Angus Rankeiller
as Victor Brigard
as Col. Armstrong
as Colonel J. A. Nielsen
as Lord Melbourne
as Godfrey Chiltern
as Major Fenwicke-Ralston
as Don Pasqual Castro
as Michael Rankin
as Hubert Carter
as Charlie Miller
as Captain Stephen Sorrell
as Dr. Carl Houston
as William Gerhardt
as Inspector Tracy
as Col. Stradimirovitsch
as Phillip Brandon
as Michael Townsend
as Melville Raymond
as Chief Magistrate
as Major Crespin
as Prince Conrad of Daritzia
as Raymond Pryor
as Sir William Hamilton
as James Darwin
as James Farnham
as Jesus, The Christ
as Stephen Sorrell
as Bernard Dufresne
as Warren Jarvis
Image of H.B. Warner
Name: H.B. Warner
Born: 1875-10-26
Age: 83
Gender: Male
City: London, England, UK
Know works: 70
Died Date: 1958-12-21
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