Harrison Ford

as Indiana Jones
as Branch Rickey
as Colonel Hyrum Graff
as Jock Goddard
as Col. Woodrow Dolarhyde
as Mike Pomeroy
as Dr. Robert Stonehill
as Jack Stanfield
as Jethro the Bus Driver
as Sgt. Joe Gavilan
as Alexei Vostrikov
as Dr. Norman Spencer
as Dutch Van Den Broeck
as President James Marshall
as Sgt. Tom O'Meara
as Linus Larrabee
as John P. "Jack" Ryan
as Harrison Ford
as Dr. Richard Kimble
as Henry Turner
as Rozat "Rusty" Sabich
as Dr. Richard Walker
as Jack Trainer
as Det. Capt. John Book
as Rick Deckard
as Colonel Lucas
as David Halloran
as Lieutenant Colonel Barnsby
as Han Solo
as Ken Boyd
as Paul Winjam
as Mark Blackwood
as Willie Bill Bearden
Image of Harrison Ford
Name: Harrison Ford
Born: 1942-07-13
Age: 81
Gender: Male
City: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Know works: 91
Died Date:
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