Hans Peter Hallwachs

as Marble Quarrys CEO Dr. Koch
as Edgar Moebius
as Günter von Drenkmann
as Großadmiral Klittnitz
as Prof. Dr. Felix Gottwald
as Gnosis-Direktor
as Psychologe Dr. Kramer
as Vater von Eschenbach
as Medizinsachverständiger
as Arnim von Pape
as Roger Schweizer
as Rainer Schiff
as Smirnoff
as Jeff Brunner
as Jim, Angelas Freund
Image of Hans Peter Hallwachs
Name: Hans Peter Hallwachs
Born: 1938-07-10
Age: 86
Gender: -
City: Jüterbog, Germany
Know works: 35
Died Date:
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