Georgiy Vitsin

as Nil Palych
as Kuzka (voice) / Кузя
as Kuz'ka (voice) / Кузя, Кот
as Kuzya (voice) / Кузя (все серии), один из грузчиков и гостей
as Tahvo Kenonen
as hare (voice) / заяц (голос)
as Masha's grandfather / Great Gardener
as Katerina's Father
as Spalnik (voice)
as Aleksei Ivanovich Tyutyurin
as Ignati, the Perfilyev's servant
as Гаврила Петрович Шереметьев, «Хмырь»
as монтёр Мечников
as Doctor
as Царь Берендей
as The Hare (voice) / Заяц
as The One-Eared Wolf (voice)
as The Mushroom (voice)
as помощник режиссера Федор Михайлович
as министр, озвучка
as зайка (voice)
as cactus (voice)
as Giuseppe (voice) (as G. Vitsin)
as Николай Васильевич Гоголь
as Pyotr Petrovich Fikusov
as Billy-Goat (voice)
as Лекарь
as grandee / guard (not indicated in the credits) / вельможа / стражник (в титрах не указан)
as Turkeycock / Rooster / Goose / Cat (voice) / индюк / петухи / гусь / кот
as Raven (voice)
as Rozenblom (voice)
as храбрый заяц
as Kloantsa (voice)
Image of Georgiy Vitsin
Name: Georgiy Vitsin
Born: 1917-04-05
Age: 84
Gender: Male
City: Terijoki, Vyborg, Finland [now Zelenogorsk, Kurortny District, St. Petersburg, Russia]
Know works: 94
Died Date: 2001-10-22
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