George Clooney

as Baird Whitlock
as Frank Walker
as Lt. Frank Stokes
as Lt. Matt Kowalski
as Producer
as Governor Mike Morris
as Jack / Edward
as Mr. Fox (voice)
as Ryan Bingham
as Jimmy 'Dodge' Connelly
as Michael Clayton
as Executive Producer
as Jake Geismar
as Bob Barnes
as Danny Ocean
as Producer
as Executive Producer
as Executive Producer
as Chris Kelvin
as Danny Ocean
as Executive Producer
as Ulysses Everett McGill
as Capt. Billy Tyne
as Archie Gates
as Capt. Charles Bosche
as Jack Foley
as Lt. Col. Thomas Devoe
as Bruce Wayne / Batman
as Jack Taylor
as Seth Gecko
as Chic Chesbro
as Maj. Biff Woods
Image of George Clooney
Name: George Clooney
Born: 1961-05-06
Age: 61
Gender: Male
City: Lexington, Kentucky, USA
Know works: 76
Died Date:
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