Gena Rowlands

as Tess M Powell
as Vivien Wilder-Mann
as Gena (Quartier Latin)
as Violet Devereaux
as Allie Calhoun
as Mrs. Rebecca Asher
as Charlie Kate Birch
as Virginia Miller
as Laura Ponti
as Ramona Calvert
as Grace Stiles
as Mildred 'Millie' Hawks
as Francie Pomerantz
as Peggy Sutherland
as Honora Swift
as Victoria Snelling
as Marilyn Bella
as Bess Guthrie
as Janette Rasnick
as Katherine Pierson
as Sarah Lawson
as Victoria Alden
as The Witch
as Antonia Dimitrius
as Gloria Swenson
as Linda Ray Guettner
as Myrtle Gordon
as Party guest
as Rosemary Scott
as Jeannie Rapp
as Rita Kosterman
as Sophie Widdicombe Benham
Image of Gena Rowlands
Name: Gena Rowlands
Born: 1930-06-19
Age: 93
Gender: Female
City: Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Know works: 65
Died Date:
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