Gary Oldman

as Ezekiel Mannings
as Jürgen Mossack
as David
as CJCS Charles Donnegan
as Tau (voice)
as Winston Churchill
as Nathaniel Shepherd
as Vladislav Dukhovich
as Captain Peyton
as Quaker Wells
as General Mikhail Nesterov
as Nicholas Wyatt
as Narrator (voice)
as Commissioner James Gordon
as Floyd Banner
as Lord Shen (voice)
as Father Soloman
as The Menacing Dummy
as Bob Cratchit / Marley / Tiny Tim (voice)
as General Grawl (voice)
as Rabbi Joseph Sendak
as Commissioner James Gordon
as James Gordon
as Charlie Storm
as Mason Verger
as Buford Dill
as Shelly Runyon
as Poncio Pilatus
as Ruber (voice)
as Dr. Zachary Smith
as Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg
as Ivan Korshunov
as Albert Milo
as Rev. Arthur Dimmesdale
as Norman Stansfield
as Ludwig van Beethoven
as Drexl Spivey
as Jack Grimaldi
as Dracula
as Lee Harvey Oswald
as Jackie Flannery
as Bex Bissell
as Emmett Foley
as Sid Vicious
Image of Gary Oldman
Name: Gary Oldman
Born: 1958-03-21
Age: 64
Gender: Male
City: New Cross, London, England, UK
Know works: 84
Died Date:
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