Gary Busey

as Jack Cujo Parrish
as Wilford Wexler
as Coach Dombrowski
as Arnie/God
as Gary Busey
as Chief Clark
as Van Sterling
as Sheriff David Ketchum
as Tony De Luca
as Grady Barnes
as The Keeper
as Butch (voice)
as Marcos Alfiri
as Millard Findlemeyer
as Jack Pickett
as LAPD medium Michael March
as Archie Channinng
as D. A. Mickey Casey
as Tom Canboro
as Nelson Keece
as Bill Dayton
as Art Dacy
as Drake Sabitch
as Major Nathan Wheeler
as Cmdr. Bill McKay
as Frank Morrisey
as Jack Rushton
as Frank Vail
as Ty Moncrief
as Sergeant Vince Banger
as Eddie Lomax
as Gary Busey
as Commander Krill
as Ozzy Decker
as FBI Agent Angelo Pappas
as Peter Keyes
as Frank Weston
as Frank 'Bulletproof' McBain
as Ted Andrews
as Buck Matthews
as The Ballplayer
as Karl Westover
as Frankie
as Willy Darin
as Gibson - Camaro Team
as Bobbie Ritchie
as Giblets
as David Lee Birdsong
as Basil Crabtree
as Concert Attendee
Image of Gary Busey
Name: Gary Busey
Born: 1944-06-29
Age: 78
Gender: Male
City: Goose Creek, Texas, USA
Know works: 96
Died Date:
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