Frank Langella

as Judge Julius Hoffman
as Raymond Engersol
as Jack Bertrang
as Sen. Richard Russell
as Sam Bloom
as Harvey Molina
as Beefeater Vicar
as Father Francis Tucker
as Chief Justice Warren Burger
as Cheyenne's deceased father (Voice)
as Rodney Cole
as Sanford Marks
as Arlington Steward
as Richard Nixon
as Superintendent
as Lieutenant Hudson
as Reverend Duncan
as Edgar Price
as Blaine De Castillon
as Mr. Bennett
as Boris Balkan
as Perry Needham Krohn
as Clare Quilty
as Wild Bill Burgess
as Pharao Mernefta
as Vic Grimes
as Detective Hayden
as Dr. Gerald Bull
as Noah Banes
as Bob Alexander
as Jeffrey Roston
as Leland Carver
as Harold Canterbury
as Akmed Khazzan
as Count Dracula
as The Prince of Homburg
as Don Diego / Zorro
as Thomas De La Plata
Image of Frank Langella
Name: Frank Langella
Born: 1938-01-01
Age: 85
Gender: Male
City: Bayonne, New Jersey, USA
Know works: 71
Died Date:
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