Faye Dunaway

as Dr. Roberta Waters
as Widow Redmon
as Dr. Josephine Hayden
as Edith Birnbaum
as Kathleen Dolan
as Betty Miller
as Amanda Washington
as Kitty Olchin
as Wilhelmina Cooper
as Lee Cayhall Bowen
as Janet Boudreaux
as Karen billingsley
as Marilyn Mickler
as Elaine Stalker
as Charlene Towne
as Faye Milano
as Evelyn Mulwray (voice)
as Love Simpson Blakeslee
as Contessa Matilda Von Wallenstein
as Wanda Wilcox
as Matron and 'M'
as Jane Wilkinson / Charlotta Adams
as Lady Barbara Skelton
as Georgie Elgin
as Joan Crawford
as Eva 'Evita' Duarte Peron
as Barbara Delaney
as Diana Christensen
as Denise Kreisler
as Sister Aimee Semple McPherson
as Evelyn Cross Mulwray
as Katie Elder
as Mrs. Louise Pendrake
as Bonnie Parker
as Lou McDowell
Image of Faye Dunaway
Name: Faye Dunaway
Born: 1941-01-14
Age: 83
Gender: Female
City: Bascom, Florida, USA
Know works: 78
Died Date:
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