Eric Tsang

as Prisoner D8145
as Grandpa Earth
as Winnie's brother
as Tok Shui Lung
as HK Police Chief Shi Mi-Fu
as Mr. Chang
as Master Ford
as Jim Lai Gai-Cheung
as Fat woman in dream /Beach lifeguard
as Fu's Father
as Uncle Choi
as Executive Producer
as Tall Man
as Executive Producer
as Boss Lam Hung
as Producer
as Chan Kwok-Wai
as Foon Chan
as Wai Tai-Hon
as Chan Kwok-wai
as Inspector Johnson Chen
as Chan Heung-Nam
as Roy 'Mountain Leopard'
as Inspector Chan
as Consultant from Hong Kong
as Yuan Chenggui
as Ngok Lo/Crocodile Man
as Mr. Viagra
as Feng's Spirit Friend
as Busty Woman in Red
as Chin's foster father
as Chung-Ping Vamp
as Roundhead / Lo Han
as Man on the telephone at concert lobby
as Tsang Siu-Chi
as Editor Wong
as Li Zhi Jian
as Mui Yim Kong
as Customer at restaurant
as Sonny Wu De-Kao
as Detective Miu Miu
as Long-Life
as Halley Tsang Hsiao Wei
as Roundhead / Lo Han
as Security Head / Bank robber
as Qiu Fu Sheng
as Roundhead / Blockhead
as Japanese soldier
as Shoeshine boy
as Master Mao's instructor
as Rip off Gei
as Son returning from San Francisco
as Popeye The Sailor
as Master Lin's student
as Rangoon's Henchman
as Hsia tower guard
Image of Eric Tsang
Name: Eric Tsang
Born: 1953-04-14
Age: 69
Gender: Male
City: Hong Kong
Know works: 204
Died Date:
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