Eric Roberts

as Ethan Marcos
as Roman Juniper
as Dr. Nelson
as Detective DiBiasse
as Christian
as Alexei
as Lieutenant William Snow
as The Father
as Russell (Quarantales Segment)
as Colonel Singh
as Lancing
as General Quinn
as Colonel Herring
as Alpha Altruist
as The Pitchman
as Matthew Smith
as Roger Donigal
as General Horne
as Mr. Jones
as Coach Bronx
as Jonathan
as Senator Du Sang
as Dominion Harvey
as Old School Eddie
as Dr. Frank
as Tailored Man
as Vice Principal Clark
as Dr. Eric Owens
as Wendell Garfield
as Major General Coulter
as Stu Undercoffler
as Governor's Secret Service Agent
as Dr. Torrington
as Sheriff
as Robert Jacobs
as Pokerboss Dean Deus
as Jenkins Chesney
as Lawrence Graves
as Uncle Nicky
as Richard
as Detective Louis Marshall
as Frank Tanner
as Father Anthony
as Lewis Cutterman
as James Connelly
as Dr. Jason Ballard
as Detective Wood
as Peter Bengtson
as Michael Z. Wolfmann
as Julian Barrett
as Mr Cromwell
as Black Knight CEO
as Nat Laurendi
as Jeremiah
as Mr. Esposito
as Lawrence Humphrey
as Angelo Moretti
as Dr. Lipschitz
as Taxi Driver
as Duffy (voice)
as Alex Stratholme
as Robert Stern
as Mr.Cooper
as Father Tollman
as Robert Stern
as Alain Villenueve
as President of the United States
as Jake the Deliveryman
as Dr. Nathan Sands
as Mr. Hopewell
as Benjamin Sheffield
as Merle Hench
as Mitchell Prescott
as Wilford Duvall
as Commander Krieg
as Emperor Tiberius Caesar
as Nick Swell
as Michael Richard Lange
as Eric Roberts
as Jack Talbot
as Maximus Powers
as Coyote Larry
as Sheriff Hank Bowman
as Pierce Patchett
as The Foreman
as The Man
as Police Lt. Mike Sullivan
as Robinson
as First Officer Mike Hogan
as Sheriff Jim Tanner
as David Mendez
as The Replacement
as Victor Haddock / Stanley Joiner
as Mr. Eddie
as Ben "Bugsy" Siegel
as Blackjack Britton
as Robert Woodfield
as Walter Pool
as Assistant Deputy Director Spencer
as Bruce / The Master
as Eric Roberts
as Dylan Cooper
as Arthur Dunlop
as Walter D'Arcangelo
as Grant Orion
as Dr. Ian Burton
as Gil Freeland
as Jimmy Evans
as Alexander Villard
as Michael Rossi
as Marco Collogero
as Jacob Asch
as Paul Snider
as Charles
as Lieutenant Moyer
as The Father
as Billy Reynolds
Image of Eric Roberts
Name: Eric Roberts
Born: 1956-04-18
Age: 66
Gender: Male
City: Biloxi, Mississippi, USA
Know works: 295
Died Date:
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