Edward G. Robinson

as Himself (archive footage)
as Leo Joseph Smooth
as Sir George McDowell
as Prof. James Anders
as Douglas - chef C.I.A.
as Simon Nurdlinger
as the Secretary of the Interior
as Max Stratman/Walter Stratman
as Cocky Wainwright
as Sam Lewis
as Theo Wilkins
as Theodore Roosevelt
as Edward G. Robinson
as Rene Bressard
as Lloyd Hallett
as Victor Scott
as Lee Wilkison
as Vincent Canelli
as Henry Hayes
as Capt. 'Barnie' Barnaby
as John B 'Hans' Lobert
as George Constantin
as Johnny Rocco
as John Triton / 'The Mental Wizard'
as Joe Keller
as Pete Morgan
as Federal Agent Wilson
as Christopher Cross
as Dean McWilliams
as Professor Richard Wanley
as Capt. Bart Manson
as Marshall Tyler (segment 2)
as Steve Boleslavski (as Edward G.Robinson)
as 'Pressure' Maxwell
as Avery L. 'Larry' Browne
as Hank 'Gimpy' McHenry
as 'Wolf' Larsen
as Little John T. 'Johnny' Sarto
as Paul Julius Reuter
as John R. Ingram
as Dr. T.S. Clitterhouse
as John Lindsay
as Nick 'Nicky' Donati
as Luis Chamalis
as Arthur Ferguson 'Jonesy' Jones / 'Killer' Mannion
as Damon Welles / Jules Chautard
as Jim 'Buck' Turner
as James Francis 'Bugs' / 'Jim' Ahearn
as John Mansfield Hayden
as Mike Mascarenhas
as John Allen
as Wong Low Get
as Yates Martin
as Nick 'The Barber' Venizelos
as Caesar Enrico 'Rico' Bandello aka 'Little Caesar'
as Joseph W. Randall
as Cobra Collins
Image of Edward G. Robinson
Name: Edward G. Robinson
Born: 1893-12-12
Age: 80
Gender: Male
City: Bucharest, Romania
Know works: 94
Died Date: 1973-01-26
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