Dean Stockwell

as Ben Tracey
as Dave Wilson
as Dr. Henry Armitage
as Agent Tremayne
as Mayor Bill Klinger
as General Lancaster
as Dr. Ballard
as Charles Welz
as Sheriff Hobbs
as Senator Campbell
as Charlie Mason
as Judge Harvey Hale
as Defense Secretary Walter Dean
as Capt. Wallace B. Binghampton
as Katz-Feeney
as Jack Tramonte
as Grey Wolf
as Salesman Stig
as Capt. Jason Flaboe
as Andy Civella
as Tim Curtis
as John Luponi
as Peter Oak
as Detective Carl Strick
as Charles 'Chip' Cain
as Capt. Homer Thomas
as Walt Henderson
as Doctor Wellington Yueh
as Otto Quartz
as Marty Helick
as Kenneth Switzer
as Pete Bass
as Avery Jensen
as Billy the Kid
as Wilbur Whateley
as Judd Steiner
as Chester Graham Jr.
as John Humperdink 'Dink' Stover
as Donny Mitchell
as Nick Charles Jr.
as Ricky Parkson
as Robert Shannon
as Archie Carstairs
as Donald Martin
Image of Dean Stockwell
Name: Dean Stockwell
Born: 1936-03-05
Age: 85
Gender: Male
City: North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
Know works: 95
Died Date: 2021-11-07
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