Danny Glover

as Executive Producer
as Gilbert Pearson
as Co-Producer
as Constable Haagen
as Slim Robinson Present Day
as Executive Producer
as Ambrose
as Mr. Weathers
as Benjamin Carver
as Eddie 'Rocks' Travor
as The Boss
as Edward Collins
as Hal Westbrook
as Chancellor Gordon
as Dr. Locke
as Captain Nicol
as Mr. Walker
as Detective St. John
as Darius (voice)
as Ex Director Matthew Reynolds
as William Ward
as Justice Thurgood Marshall
as Charlie Shuffleton
as Arthur
as Commander Phillips
as Reverend John
as Producer
as Father Leonard
as Donovan Matheson
as Executive Producer
as Dean Francis
as Investigator
as Gabriel Peters
as Harry 'Red' Newman
as Winston (voice)
as President Wilson
as Man with black eye patch
as Mr. Fletcher
as David Tapp (archive footage)
as John Malcolm
as Colonel Isaac Johnson
as President Chen (voice)
as Tyrone Purvis
as Marty Madison
as Cow-boy
as Miles the Mule (voice)
as Ken Hollister
as Detective David Tapp
as Judge Crowley
as Tom Spader
as Roger Murtaugh
as Barbatus (voice)
as Paul D Garner
as Richter Tyrone Kipler
as Bob Goodall
as Sgt. Washington Wyatt
as Capt. Sam Cahill
as Roger Murtaugh
as Cmdr. Frank 'Dooke' Camparelli
as Raymond Campanella
as Lieutenant Mike Harrigan
as Dr. Alex Marsh
as Sergeant Roger Murtaugh
as Walter Lee Younger
as Capt. Bartholomew Clark
as Sergeant Roger Murtaugh
as Nelson Mandela
as Albert Johnson
as Malachi 'Mal' Johnson
as Loomis
as Jojo / Roland
as Washington Carver
Image of Danny Glover
Name: Danny Glover
Born: 1946-07-22
Age: 77
Gender: Male
City: San Francisco, California, USA
Know works: 168
Died Date:
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