Daisuke Namikawa

as Tomoya Sakaguchi (voice)
as Goemon Ishikawa XIII (voice)
as Goemon Ishikawa XIII (voice)
as Professor Yoake (voice)
as Ryō Yamada (voice)
as Jouji Nezu (voice)
as Ootsutsuki Momoshiki (voice)
as Yashiro Isana (voice)
as Kugayama Shusei (voice)
as Kyouta Tsubaki (voice)
as Dark Knight (voice)
as Tottoi (voice)
as Noriyasu Hatakeyama (voice)
as Child B (voice)
as Gilbert Bougainvillea (voice)
Image of Daisuke Namikawa
Name: Daisuke Namikawa
Born: 1976-04-02
Age: 46
Gender: Male
City: Tokyo, Japan
Know works: 63
Died Date:
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