Corey Burton

as 'Bounty Law' - Promo Announcer (voice)
as Keyhole / Additional Voices (voice)
as Time Trapper / Captain Cold (voice)
as Trailer Voice Guy (voice)
as Additional Voices (voice)
as Neville (voice)
as Captain Suds
as Bigfoot (voice)
as Narrator (voice)
as Narrator (voice)
as Ludwig Von Drake / Dale (voice)
as Mr. Harvey Fenner (voice)
as Captain Marvel / Solomon Grundy (voice)
as Ziro the Hutt / General Loathsom / Kronos-327 (voice)
as Additional Narrator (voice)
as Specules / Narrator / Doorman / Henchman #2 (voice)
as President Abraham Lincoln / Demon / Professor Faust (voice)
as Martian Scientist / Court Attendant / Eyes At Gate (voice)
as Dale, Zipper, Mole, Snout, Roger Baskerville, Kiwis Chief, Poptop, Dr. Wexler, Robocat
as Cauldron (voice)
as Grumpy (voice)
as Hawaiian Man (voice)
as Onus (voice)
as Captain Hook/Chernabog/Narrator/Chief O'Hara (voice)
as Captain Hook (voice)
as Gus / Mert / Stable Hand (voice)
as Gaetan 'The Mole' Moliere (voice)
as Ludwig Von Drake / Mad Hatter / Grumpy / Gus / Captain Hook
as Additional Voices (voice)
as Woody's Roundup Announcer (voice)
as The Announcer (voice)
as Kaznian Minister of Commerce Vilmos Egan / Barge Captain (voice)
as Ludwig Von Drake
as Brainiac / Councilman / Cop (voice)
as Brutish Guard (voice)
as Commissioner (voice)
as Droopy Dog (segments "Roller Coaster Rabbit" and "Trail Mix-Up)
as Dale / Captain Hook / Mr. Smee (voice)
as Droopy Dog (voice)
as Prince Achmed (voice)
as Sultan (voice)
as Owls (voice)
as Droopy Dog (voice)
as Orderly (voice)
as Chum (Voice)
as Gruffi Gummi (voice)
as Sunstreaker / Brawn / Shockwave
as Voice Over Announcer (voice)
as ESS Voice (voice)
Image of Corey Burton
Name: Corey Burton
Born: 1955-08-03
Age: 68
Gender: Male
City: Los Angeles - California - USA
Know works: 86
Died Date:
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