Christopher Plummer

as Frank Pitsenbarger
as Harlan Thrombey
as Jack Jaconi
as Kaiser Wilhelm II
as King Herod (voice)
as Zev Gutman
as Frank Grubman
as Pixie King (voice)
as Fred Bancroft
as Joseph Cutter
as Croolik (voice)
as Narrator (english version)
as Hal Fields
as Monsignor Orelas
as Charles F. Muntz (voice)
as J.R. Ackerley (voice)
as 1 (voice)
as Dr. Heller
as Arthur Case
as Simon Wyler
as Captain Newport
as Dean Whiting
as Cardinal Bernard Law
as John Adams Gates
as Aristotle
as Narrator (voice)
as Santa Claus
as Ralph Nickleby
as Graham Mortimer
as Robert Lecker
as Norman Thayer
as Matthew Van Helsing
as Archbishop Hume
as Mike Wallace
as Ulrich Steiner
as Barnaby Crookedman (voice)
as Reverend Carlyle
as Raymond Alden
as Ivan Getz
as Chaplain Gill
as Harry Weldon
as Mel Wexler
as Naples O'Rorke
as Grand Duke (voice)
as Martin Yahl
as Col. Garland Vaughn
as Doctor Satorius
as Professor Paris Catalano
as Edmund Beaumont
as Reverend Jonathan Whirley
as Narrator (voice: English version)
as Henri (voice)
as Mr. Roalvang
as Narrator (voice)
as Bob Blair
as Col. Herbert Kappler
as Dr. Carl Forrester
as James Hatcher
as Professor Lakos
as William Fawcett Robinson
as Sherlock Holmes
as Paul Sellinger
as The Emperor
as Kaptain Behounek
as Sherlock Holmes
as Capt. 'Uncle' Sinclair
as Maggiore Alastair Wimbourne
as Dr. Joe Sherman
as Dt. Sgt. Jim Henderson
as Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington
as Squadron Leader Colin Harvey
as Sir James Quentin
as Field Marshal Rommel
as Freddie Chapman
as Captain Georg von Trapp
as Torvald Helmer
as Joe Sheridan
Image of Christopher Plummer
Name: Christopher Plummer
Born: 1929-12-13
Age: 92
Gender: Male
City: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Know works: 135
Died Date: 2021-02-05
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