Christopher Lee

as Narrator (voice) (segment 'The Fall of the House of Usher')
as Father Bartholomeu
as Monsieur Labisse
as Cardinal D'Ambroise
as The Jabberwocky (voice)
as Old Joseph
as Mr. Mason
as Joaquín Morales
as Older Walter Page
as Alfred Rhinegold
as Count Dooku (voice)
as First High Councilor
as Pastor Galswells (voice)
as Burgomaster
as Mohammed Ali Jinnah
as Sir Richard Turkel
as Death (voice)
as Evil Sender
as Pharao Ramses
as Callum Chance
as General Konstanin Benin
as Cardinale Spinosi
as Karlis Zander
as Walter Strauss
as Willard Hope
as President White
as Dracula (archive footage)
as Chief Supt. Jonathan Rich
as Sir James Hunter
as King Haggard (voice)
as Count Borgia
as Prince Baldasar, the Director of Counterintelligence
as Morgan Canfield
as Luckman/Skull
as Marcus Valorium
as Lechinski
as Capt. Wolfgang von Kleinschmidt
as Caliph Alquazar
as Sardar Khan
as Martin Wallace
as On-Screen Narrator
as Father Pergado / Zindar
as Captain Rameses
as Le prince des Ténèbres
as Major Chilton
as Himself / Vlad Tepes / Count Dracula
as Francisco Scaramanga
as Lord Summerisle
as Col. Charles Bingham
as Prof. Sir Alexander Saxton
as Stratton-Villiers, MI5
as Count Dracula
as Himself / Count Dracula
as John Reid (segment 3 "Sweets to the Sweet")
as Dr. Charles Marlowe
as Artemidorus
as Lord George Jeffreys
as Dolmance
as Dr. J. Neuhartt
as Duc de Richleau
as Colonel Stuart
as Count Frederic Regula / Graf von Andomai
as Philippe Darvas
as Mr. U. N. Owen (voice)
as Franklyn Marsh (segment "Disembodied Hand")
as Billali
as Sir Matthew Phillips
as Prof. Karl Meister
as Count Ludwig Karnstein
as Baron Ferdi von Staub
as Doctor Pierre Gerrard
as Prof. Alan Driscoll
as Kenny King
as Nero the magician
as Sir Henry Baskerville
as Kharis, the Mummy
as Baron Roderico da Frankurten
as Count Dracula
as Marquis St. Evremonde
as Resurrection Joe
as Charles Highbury
as Voice (voice)
as Doctor Neumann
as Sgt. Barney
as German officer at dentists
as Franz Vermes
as Nectenabus (voice)
as Submarine Commander Alan Grieves
as Lieutenant Whitlock
as Joseph (attache)
as Georges Seurat
as Hon. Bongo Icklesham
Image of Christopher Lee
Name: Christopher Lee
Born: 1922-05-27
Age: 93
Gender: Male
City: Belgravia, Westminster, England
Know works: 229
Died Date: 2015-06-07
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