Charlton Heston

as Ben Hur (voice)
as The Mastiff (voice)
as Prof. Walter Finley
as Mr. Clayborne
as Addison Sinclair
as Narrator (voice)
as Player King
as Narrator (voice)
as Narrator
as Spencer Trilby
as Himself - (archive footage)
as Henry Hooker
as Long John Silver
as Adm. Skeet Kelso
as Louis Mancini
as Silas McGee / Ian McGee
as Matthew Corbeck
as Captain Paul Blanchard
as Capt. Matthew Garth
as Capt. Peter Holly
as Cardinal Richelieu
as Stewart Graff
as Alan Murdock
as Detective Robert Thorn
as Cardinal Richelieu
as Capt. Henry 'Hank' O'Hara
as Robert Neville
as Whip Hoxworth
as Marc Antony
as Ron "Cat" Catlan
as Will Penny
as Lionel Evans
as Gen. Charles 'Chinese' Gordon
as Major Amos Charles Dundee
as Maj. Matt Lewis
as Richard 'King' Howland
as Captain Paul MacDougall / Benny the Snatch / Narrator
as El Cid
as Judah Ben-Hur
as Ramon Miguel Vargas
as Gen. Andrew Jackson
as Capt. Colt Saunders
as Col. Jesse Price
as Maj. Bernard R. 'Barney' Benson
as Lt. William Clark
as Christopher Leiningen
as Ed Bannon
as Captain William Frank 'Buffalo Bill' Cody
as Boake Tackman
as James 'Jim' Aherne Jr. / War Bonnet
as Danny Haley
as Peer Gynt
Image of Charlton Heston
Name: Charlton Heston
Age: -
Gender: -
Know works: 110
Died Date:
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