Charles Napier

as Sheriff Sanders
as Sherrif Tillman
as General Wilkins
as Eyepatch-wearing Two Spies boss
as Sheriff Harper
as Capt. Jerry Teller
as Detective O'Reilly
as Craig Hardy
as Robert Zorkin
as Angry Carny
as Sheriff Dempsey
as Col. David
as Arresting Officer
as Sheriff Nate Culver
as Agent Devaney
as Warden Pike
as Nolan Gobal
as Mayor David Stiles
as Charlie, the Horse Connection
as Detective Duke
as Judge Garnett
as Baseball Team Manager
as Ernie Buckle
as Capt. Delano
as Brian Hornsby
as Gloucester Hebbing
as Sgt. Bill Henderson
as Colonel Kovacks
as Angela's Hairdresser
as Det. Ian McLemore
as Lt. O'Bryan
as Sgt. J.J. Striker
as Sheriff Charlie
as Morgan Carroll
as Moon Willis
as Chief O'Hara
as Tucker McElroy
as Dave Quittle
as Chrome Angel
as Maj. Red Buell
as Harry Sledge
as Robert W. Morgan
as Officer Iverson
Image of Charles Napier
Name: Charles Napier
Born: 1936-04-12
Age: 75
Gender: Male
City: Scottsville, Kentucky, USA
Know works: 79
Died Date: 2011-10-05
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