Cary Grant

as (in "Suspicion") (archive footage)
as Sir William Rutland
as Walter Christopher Eckland
as Peter Joshua / Alexander Dyle / Adam Canfield / Bryan Cruikshank
as Roger O. Thornhill
as Lt. Cmdr. Matt T. Sherman
as Philip Adams
as Tom Winters
as Cmdr. Andrew " Andy" Crewson
as Clemson Reade
as Barnaby Fulton
as George "Poppy" Rose
as Dr. Noah Praetorius
as Dr. Eugene Norland Ferguson
as Capt. Henri Rochard
as T.R. Devlin
as Cole Porter
as Mortimer Brewster
as Captain Cassidy
as Joe Adams
as Leopold Dilg - Joseph
as John D. 'Johnnie' Aysgarth
as Roger Adams
as C.K. Dexter Haven
as Walter Burns
as Alec Walker
as Johnny Case
as Jerry Warriner
as George Kerby
as Charlie Mason
as Andre
as Det. Sgt. Danny Barr
as Michael Andrews
as Gerald Fitzgerald
as Jimmy Monkley
as Malcolm Trevor
as Porter Madison III
as Julian De Lussac
as Dr. Maurice Lamar
as Jack Clayton
as Jeffrey Baxter
as Captain Cummings
as Nick Townsend
as Romer Sheffield
as Stephen Mathewson
as Lieutenant Benjamin Franklin Pinkerton
Image of Cary Grant
Name: Cary Grant
Born: 1904-01-18
Age: 82
Gender: Male
City: Horfield, Bristol, England, UK
Know works: 90
Died Date: 1986-11-29
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