C. Thomas Howell

as Dr. Eric Peselowe
as Control (voice)
as Eobard Thawne / Professor Zoom (voice)
as Walter Jenkins
as Robert Crawford
as Breen Nash
as Nathan Shapiro
as Sheriff Quentin
as George 'Shorty' White
as Tom Worthy
as Charlie DuPuis
as Professor Eobard "Zoom" Thawne / Reverse-Flash (voice)
as Mitch Fielding
as Nathan Detrick
as Paul Jordan
as John Youngstown
as Sheriff Beaumont
as Professor Grimes
as Seth Delray
as David Settles
as K.C. Corcoran
as Capt. Baskin
as Clayton Connelly
as Preston Webb
as Addison Terrill
as Hedion
as Sgt. Thomas Chamberlain
as Adam Vance
as Officer Roberts
as Sheriff Lyndon Harris
as J.B. Gaines
as Sanchez Boon
as Michael Jardine
as Mark Goddard
as Johnie Dean
as Dan Jericho
as Oscar Bonsetter
as Micky Stewert
as Lieut. Thomas D. Chamberlain
as Sergeant Lee Teffler
as Bernard Sprat
as Monroe Clark
as Arturo Toscanini
as Bubber Drumm
as Jim Halsey
as Mark Watson
as Michael Ryan
as William "Billy" Carey
as Ponyboy Curtis
Image of C. Thomas Howell
Name: C. Thomas Howell
Born: 1966-12-07
Age: 55
Gender: Male
City: Los Angeles, California, USA
Know works: 113
Died Date:
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