Bruce McGill

as Wayne Bisbee
as Chief Carl
as Lt. Brooks
as Lt. Brooks
as Detective Miller
as Edwin Stanton
as Big Earl
as Dr. Thomas Abner
as Jim Pavitt
as Joe Gage
as Ben Summers
as Mac Stipanovich
as Phil McCullough
as George Tenet
as Robert Pratt
as Frank Jones
as Jimmy Johnston
as Bill Banyon
as Frank Pedrosa
as Chuck Frechette
as Judge Harkin
as George Ball, Undersecretary of State
as Bradley
as Ralph Houk
as Reverend Larson
as Frank Daniels
as Sam Dalton
as Ron Motley
as T.C. Bryant
as Duke Purdy
as Neuschwander
as City Marshall
as Commander Eugene Matuzak
as Paul Saunders
as Treasury Agent
as Sheriff Farley
as Flight Engineer Dudley Dvorak
as Captain Foxx
as Dan Darwell
as V.D. Skinner
as Lieutenant Hall
as Dave the Fireman
as Mace Hurley
as Tony Fallon
as Brian Ferguson
as Daniel Simpson Day
Image of Bruce McGill
Name: Bruce McGill
Age: -
Gender: -
Know works: 80
Died Date:
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