Bruce Dern

as Coach Finnegan
as Arkadi Dubkova
as Levi Coffin
as Richard Smythson
as Mr. Snowcone
as Reginald Cooke
as Mallincrkordt
as Grandpa
as Grandpa Roman Wershe
as Joe Kennedy
as Ronnie Ashemore
as Oswald Flannigan
as Doc Rivers O'Roark
as Richard Morton
as Davenport Lear
as General Sandy Smithers
as Austin Kittredge Sr.
as Georgie Wits
as Woody Grant
as Christian Dobbe
as Old Man Carrucan
as Sheriff Bobby LaGrange
as Dr. Ronald Pendleton
as Vic Small
as Creepy Carl
as Captain Perez
as Howard Blaime
as Ellis Brawley
as Alvin Begleiter
as Harry Volpi
as Mr. Dudley
as Link Static
as Capt. Swaggert
as Sheriff Ed Galt
as Rear Admiral Yancy Graham
as Will Plummer
as John Gillon
as Garrett "Uncle Bud" Stoker
as Lt. Mark Rumsfield
as Cliff Denny
as M. Edwards
as Wes Holman
as The Detective
as Capt. Bob Hyde
as George Lumley
as William Brandels
as Robert "Big Bob" Freelander
as Jack Strawhorn
as Insp. Leo Larsen SFPD
as Long Hair
as Freeman Lowell
as Coach Bullion
as Kevin Dirkman
as J.J. Weston
as Lt. Billy Byron Bix
as Richie Fowler
as Steve Davis
as Deputy Samuel P. Tippen
as Rafe Quint
as Joe 'Loser' Kearns
as Sailor
as Jack Roper
as Emil Larson
Image of Bruce Dern
Name: Bruce Dern
Born: 1936-06-04
Age: 87
Gender: Male
City: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Know works: 117
Died Date:
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