Brian Cox

as Father Reilly
as Captain O'Hagan
as Winston Churchill
as Conrad / Crunch (voice)
as Sir Michael
as Jim Bryce
as James McCurdy
as Admiral Porter
as Dr. Langham
as Alan Watts (voice)
as Sebastian
as Matt Busby
as Lenny Fairburn
as Malcolm Young (voice)
as Ivan Simanov
as Reverend Kalahan
as Action 12 Reporter (voice)
as Van Doren
as Avery Ludlow
as Frank Perry
as Daniel Tennant
as Melvin Belli
as General Hemmer (voice)
as Alec Hewett
as Joe Reisert
as Gary Barker
as Dr. Robert Smith
as King Agamemnon
as William Stryker
as Captain Oakes
as James Brogan
as Robert McKee
as Jim Morris Sr.
as Richard Morgan
as Michael O'Mara
as Big John Harrigan
as Captain O'Hagan
as Lord Morton
as Inspector McDunn
as Martin Smith
as Sidney McLoughlin
as Sean Wallace
as Dr. Nelson Guggenheim
as Clayton Blackstone
as Captain Jeremiah Cassidy
as Uncle Vladimir
as Joe Hamill
as Chief Hatfield, Durham P.D.
as Dr. Nathan Waldman
as Lyman Earl Collier
as Argyle Wallace
as Killearn
as Angus McTeague
as Aethelwine
as Major Michael Hogan
as Major Michael Hogan
as Peter Kerrigan
as Dr. Hannibal Lecktor
as Dr. Gillespie
as Steven Shaw
Image of Brian Cox
Name: Brian Cox
Age: -
Gender: -
Know works: 114
Died Date:
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