Brad Dourif

as Dr. William Blackmore
as Charles Lee Ray/Chucky (voice)
as Chucky (Voice)
as Dr. Walter Brown
as Worm Creature
as Jacob Capilla
as Salesman
as Sheriff Connors
as Chris Pendler
as Mr. Smirker
as Sheriff Lee Brackett
as Sheriff Holk
as The Dark One (segment "The Devil's Due at Midnight")
as Sheriff Leigh Brackett
as Thin Bookish Guy
as Professor Kapps
as Gríma Wormtongue (extended edition)
as Mr. Pascal
as Lt. Garland
as Roland Montague
as Colin McCammon
as The Professor
as Dr. Thomas Wheedon
as Chucky (voice)
as Dr. Bert Clavell
as Duty Doctor
as Dr. Jonathan Gediman
as The Vet
as Thomas Payne
as Byron Stamphill
as Dr. Lloyd
as Officer Donnie Donaldson
as Hemingway the restaurant manager
as Remo Lacey
as Paul Sullivan
as James Venamun / The Gemini Killer
as Tucker Cleveland, the Exterminator
as Deputy Clinton Pell
as Charles Lee Ray/Chucky
as Mitch Marlowe
as Martin Klamski
as Piter De Vries
as Younger Brother
as Mr. Eggleston
as Hazel Motes
Image of Brad Dourif
Name: Brad Dourif
Age: -
Gender: -
Know works: 103
Died Date:
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