Bob Gunton

as Maxwell Forrest
as President Sebastián Piñera
as Sheriff Brinson
as Cyrus Vance
as Mr. Kaufmann
as William Thurber
as Ethan Kanin
as Judge Gardner
as Edward Ashen
as Dr. Townshend
as Hugh Moreland
as President Woodrow Wilson
as Juan Perón (segment "Evita")
as Steven, Jimmy's Partner
as James Harte
as Boat Captain
as Dan Topping
as Alexander McAnally III
as Dr. Alexander McCabe
as Dean Walcott
as Richard M. Nixon
as Col. Benjamin Grierson
as Bishop Creighton
as Frank Deverell
as Col. John Hardesty
as Warden Samuel Norton
as Frank Joyce
as Chief George Earle
as Interviewer
as Elder Agent
as Wolkowski
as TV Newsman #3
as Monsignor Beauvais
as Gen. Charles Garrison Harker
as Richie Segretto
as Gov. George Wallace
as C.E. Lively
as Fernando Portacarrero
as Christian Jameson
as Sal Naftari
Image of Bob Gunton
Name: Bob Gunton
Born: 1945-11-15
Age: 76
Gender: Male
City: Santa Monica, California, USA
Know works: 66
Died Date:
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