Billy Dee Williams

as Two-Face / Harvey Dent (voice)
as Lando (voice)
as Lando Calrissian / Lando's Father (voice)
as Lonnie Green
as Judge Reinhold
as Robert Delgado
as Pastor Charlie
as Gen. Warren Boutwell
as Sgt. Paul Davidson
as Sheriff Hammond
as Senator Harmon
as Himself
as Detective Don Racine
as Agent Jeffries
as Adm. Jim Perry
as Lieutenant Frank Lazaro
as Commander Skyler
as Capt. Jack Reilly
as Harvey Dent
as Bobby Jay
as Jim McKinley
as Al Wheeler
as Jake Calahan
as Matthew Raines
as Lando Calrissian
as Det. Sgt. Matthew Fox
as Clarence Whitlock
as Walter Williams
as Johnny Johnson
as Gale Sayers
as Clifford Robinson, Lost & Found Clerk
Image of Billy Dee Williams
Name: Billy Dee Williams
Born: 1937-04-06
Age: 87
Gender: Male
City: New York City - New York - USA
Know works: 64
Died Date:
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