Bill Pullman

as Harry Dietzler
as Joshua Mansky
as Brian Plummer
as Ralph Yarborough
as Jerry Turley
as Brian Plummer
as John Webster
as Sicilius Leonatus
as Rusty Sabich
as Edmund French
as Billy Boy Walker
as Jim Barrett
as Sam Hallaway
as Det. Max Mariner
as Morgan Banner
as Gary Dolan
as Peter Kirk
as Rick O'Lette
as Jason Slocumb
as The Ticket Clerk
as Conor Gallagher
as Captain Korso (voice)
as Callum Crane
as Detective Pat Lakewood
as The Virginian
as Jack Wells
as Harry Howe / Ernie Halliday
as Daryl Zero
as Fred Madison
as President Thomas J. Whitmore
as Whitman Crawford
as Dr. James Harvey
as Ed Masterson
as Orin Meecham
as Andy Sarafian
as Construction Site Foreman
as Bryan Denton
as Dr. Jeffrey Jamison
as Nick Symonds
as Paul Kessler
as Biff Banner
as Dr. Rex Martin
as Nicholas Meany
as Lone Starr
as Earl James Mott
Image of Bill Pullman
Name: Bill Pullman
Born: 1953-12-17
Age: 69
Gender: Male
City: Hornell, New York, USA
Know works: 87
Died Date:
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