Bess Flowers

as Wedding Guest
as Surprised Diner at The Flame Room
as Shopper, Gourmet Department
as Lady In Audience
as Woman in Hotel Lobby
as Woman in Dream Sequence
as Spectator at political rally
as Party Guest
as Woman at Town Meeting
as Fur Salon Customer
as Party Guest
as Restaurant patron
as Restaurant patron
as Lady at Casino Party
as Cafe Europa patron
as Guest at backyard party
as Lady in Hotel Lobby
as Lady At Airport
as Geraldine Moore
as Lady at studio screening
as Snooty Woman at Dance
as Wife of Surgeon General
as Patron at Bongo Club
as Party Guest
as Wedding Guest
as Wedding guest
as Restaurant patron
as Town Meeting Spectator
as Beauty Contest Chaperone
as Fashion Show Spectator
as Restaurant Patron
as Party Guest
as Woman at boat dock
as Wedding Guest
as Guest at Jeff Rink's Banquet
as Restaurant Patron
as Woman at Fashion Show
as Ship Passenger
as Anniversary Party Guest
as Roulette Player
as Nightclub patron
as Masquerade Party Guest
as Restaurant Patron
as Stork Club Patron
as Nightclub patron
as Diner at Bar of Justice Restaurant
as Casino Patron
as Theatre patron in loge
as Casino patron
as Songwriter's Party Guest with Poodle
as Woman Exiting Ship
as Academy Awards Attendee
as Attendant Holding Baby at Palace Ball
as Dining Patron
as Guest at Lodge Party
as Train Passenger
as Angry Nightclub Patron
as Officer's Wife in Reception Line
as Bus passenger
as Lady Seated Behind Duchess
as Spectator at Caligula's court
as Nightclub Patron
as Woman in hotel bar
as Party Guest
as Department Store Shopper
as Opera spectator in St. Petersburg
as Riverboat Passenger
as Sitting Party Guest
as Audience Member
as Party Guest
as Restaurant Patron
as Woman Exiting Hotel
as Lady Outside Jewelry Store
as Woman in Theatre Powder Room
as Backstage guest
as Racetrack spectator
as Seance Guest
as Woman Departing Train / Restaurant Patron
as Woman Exiting Emmadel's Home
as Actress playing "Queen" in TV beer commercial
as Woman at Awards Ceremony
as Backstage Woman at Hollywood Bowl
as Restaurant Patron
as Lady in Audience at The Roxy
as Racetrack Spectator
as New Orleans Party Guest
as Courtroom spectator
as Wedding Guest at Park
as Mrs. Worthington
as Nightclub Patron
as Woman at Press Conference
as Patron at Pelican Club
as Guest at honorary degree ceremony
as Little Girl's Grandmother
as Woman in Conference Room
as Department Store Shopper
as Restaurant patron
as Pierre's Restaurant Patron
as Miss Miller
as Guest at country club dance
as Mary - Nurse
as Woman Exiting Hilo Club
as Diner at The Stetson House
as Restaurant Patron
as Set Rehearsal
as Nightclub Guest
as Courtroom Spectator
as Party Guest
as Gambler at Roulette Table
as Woman with Bumped Man
as Department store shopper
as Country Club Party Guest
as Dancing Patron at Chez Pepe
as Patron at Hi-Ho Club
as Woman sitting at bar at Florida Club
as Patron at Georgia King Club
as Ball Guest
as Woman at airport
as Restaurant Patron
as Guest at Rainbow Lodge
as Tribune staff worker
as Jewelry store clerk
as Nightclub Patron
as Norton's Secretary
as Patron at Club Diplomacy
as Mrs. Thatcher
as ? - Unconfirmed
as Party Guest at Arizona Palms Club
as Patron at Cabana Club
as Wedding Guest
as Madge Lawrence / 1st Mrs. Fleming
as Nightclub patron
as Patient in Ordway's Office
as Society Patron at Ocean Gardens
as Gerry's Maid of Honor/Nightclub Extra
as Pedestrian on sidewalk
as Dinner Party Guest
as Lady Dancing at Party
as Fan at Train Station
as Nightclub Patron
as Nightclub Patron
as Courtroom Spectator
as Box Social Guest
as Lady in Political Entourage
as Governor's Wife
as une femme aux toilettes
as Cascade Club Dancer
as Sales Clerk at Lacey's Dept. Store
as Mrs. Arno, party guest
as Party Guest
as Beauty Shop Customer
as Worker in McMasters' New York Office
as Birthday Party Guest
as Mother in Miss Humbert's office
as Ship's Passenger
as Nightclub Patron
as Helen Lakewood
as Bess - Gambling House Patron
as Ball Guest
as Nightclub Patron
as Spectator seated behind Lady Arlington in theatre audience
as Wedding Guest
as La Casa Cantina Patron
as Martin's Neighbor in Courtroom
as (uncredited)
as Davna - Lady in Waiting
as Mrs. Manning
as Nightclub Patron
as Backstage Guest
as Party Guest at Mrs. Frost's
as Party guest
as Dance Extra
as Night Club Extra
as Mrs. New England
as Nightclub Patron
as Roulette Player
as Nightclub patron
as Beauty Salon Attendant
as Extra at Company Dance
as Nurse in Hospital
as Nightclub Patron
as Woman at Dance
as Party Guest
as Party Guest
as Party Guest at Car Exhibition
as Miss Martin, Robert's Secretary
as Guest at Charity Bazaar
as Spectator at Horse Show
as Nightclub Patron
as Nightclub Patron at Casino de Paree
as Gordon's Secretary Agnes
as Telephone Operator
as Hospital Reception Desk Nurse
as Merrill's Secretary
as Wardrobe fitter
as Receptionist at Adrienne Deane Cosmetics
as Bridge Party Guest
as Train passenger
as Fred's Party Guest
as Member of Women's Auxilary Committee
as Bridge Player
as Party Guest
as Indian's Wife at Party
as Party Guest
as (uncredited)
as Hotel Guest
as Party Guest
as Manicurist
as Annette Whitmore
as Mrs. Laurel
as Jane Gilmour
as Hortense Towers
Image of Bess Flowers
Name: Bess Flowers
Born: 1898-11-23
Age: 86
Gender: Female
City: Sherman, Texas, USA
Know works: 295
Died Date: 1984-07-28
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