Ben Affleck

as Bruce Wayne / Batman
as Uncle Charlie
as Jack Cunningham
as Vic Van Allen
as Tom 'Redfly' Davis
as Batman / Bruce Wayne
as Chris Wolff
as Joe Coughlin
as Nick Dunne
as Tony Mendez
as Doug MacRay
as Bobby Walker
as Stephen Collins
as Gawking Guy
as Jack Dupree
as George Reeves
as Jack Giamoro
as Executive Producer
as Matt Murdock (Director's Cut only)
as Ollie Trinke
as Himself/Matt Murdock
as Jennings
as Matt Murdock / Daredevil
as Larry Gigli
as Executive Producer
as Gavin Banek
as Rafe McCawley
as Holden McNeil / Ben Affleck
as Lawrence Bowen
as Jim Young
as Buddy Amaral
as Rudy Duncan
as Bartleby
as A.J. Frost
as Sheriff Bryce Hammond
as Chuckie Sullivan
as Holden McNeil
as Tom 'Gunner' Casselman
as Shannon Hamilton
as Fred O'Bannion
as Chesty Smith
as Ben Watson
Image of Ben Affleck
Name: Ben Affleck
Born: 1972-08-15
Age: 51
Gender: Male
City: Berkeley, California, USA
Know works: 76
Died Date:
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